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Pleasing God

Discover the things that please God, and then make them habits.

It's only natural to want to please someone you like. You do it, not because you're obligated, but because you want to give joy to someone you care about. God likes it when you please him, but don't do it to give him joy – God doesn't need to have his spirits lifted. And don't try to please God in order to butter him up like you might do a parent or a boss in order to get something. Pleasing God is for your enjoyment and your benefit. When you do the things and think the thoughts that please God (To find out how, check God's word), your life takes on new meaning and purpose. Not only that, but your impact on those around you will increase as you make pleasing God a habit.


And we will receive whatever we request because we obeying him and do the things that please him. 1 John 3:22

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