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There's nothing you can do

Thank God that your salvation does not depend on you. 

In the physical world there are many ways to be saved, But first you have to be in a situation where you would eventually die without help. A guy in a lifeboat could pull you out of freezing water, or a skilled surgeon could save your life on the operating table.

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Sometimes you have to choose between Following God and impressing your Friends.


Living a godly life may make you different. You may end up doing just the opposite of everyone else. Sometimes you may find that your conduct pleases God but offends your friends, or vice versa. Should you compromise and try to find an acceptable middle ground?

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What It Takes

What it takes If you want results that are excellent, diligence is required.

The coach of any athletic team will tell you that you've got to practice of you want to win. In the spiritual realm, "winning" is getting to know God and having our lives transformed in the process. But just as in sports, "winning" with God requires the discipline of repeated practice.

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In the Beginning

Either God created the heaven's and the earth or He didn't

Unless we know where our world came from, we don't we don't really know where it's going.  And we don't know where wer'e going either.  That's why there's such a huge debate about how the universe began.  The answer goes to the heart of our very existence.

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You Can't Prove God Exists

Don't worry about proving God's existence, because no one can disprove it.


Sometimes we think we can prove God exists, but it just can't be done. You can't stick God under a microscope or view Him through a telescope because Gos is a Spirit. No one has actually seen God ( John1:18 ).

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Use For the Purpose Intended

The person with the unread Bible has no advantage over the person who doesn't own one.


You would laugh if someone expressed belief in a "lucky" rabbit's foot dangling from his key chain. (Okay, maybe you wouldn't laugh, but we are pretty sure that you would snicker.) Why? Because "good luck charms" are foolishness and offer nothing but a false sense of security.

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