July 20-24, 2020 | 1pm


As we do our part to keep everyone safe during this pandemic, we have decided to offer VBS, LIVE Online this year instead of at our church facility.  Join Ms. Chante’, Skyler and a few of their amazing friends as they embark on an exciting journey to find the Armor of the King!!

Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power.– Ephesians 6:10

Hello Brave Knights

Your child is invited to come take a journey this summer like never before to the North Castle, a magical place hidden in a frozen land. Under order from the King these valiant knights will head out on a quest in search of the King’s Armor. But the armor isn’t what they think it is.

Your child will take a moment to explore the Old and New Testament of the Kings Book where the will discover different pieces of protective armor—the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Justice, the Shoes of Peace, the Shield of Faith, and the Helmet of Salvation—at work in the lives of familiar Bible characters, and explore how that armor works in their own lives as they follow and serve God.

Don’t miss a chance to come take up the gauntlet this summer and accept the challenge to “armor up” and be strong by remaining with God and sharing God’s love in a world that needs it more than ever.

To Mars and Beyond

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